Divine and Human

December 24, 2009

Richard Rohr OFM reflects that, ‘in Jesus, God achieved the perfect synthesis of the divine and the human. The incarnation of Jesus demonstrates that God meets us where we are at as humans. God freely and fully overcomes the gap from God’s side. The problem of redemption is already resolved once and for all, long before its dramatic illustration on the cross (at least that is the way we Franciscans read it!).  That is why Christmas is such a big thing!

For the Christian, spiritual power is always hidden inside of powerlessness, just as God was hidden and yet revealed in a defenseless baby.  If God is ever to be loved and shared, God had to risk both human embodiment and human vulnerability.  This is the only thing that enchants and evokes the human heart.  We do not properly fall in love with concepts or theological ideas (although some do try); persons fall in love with other persons.

In a weak little child, God is both perfectly hidden and perfectly revealed—and fully loveable.  Tonight we celebrate this wonderful mystery.’


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