Basic Christianity: exploring the shape of God’s affection

November 14, 2009

AlisonThe John Main Seminar 2010 will be held in Canterbury, England.  The Seminar will be led by James Alison.

James Alison

James Alison is a Priest, theologian and author. James travels widely, lecturing, teaching and accompanying retreats. He has lived in various parts of the Americas as well as his native England; he is currently based in São Paulo, Brazil.  He is the author of several books, including Knowing Jesus, The Joy of Being Wrong, Faith beyond Resentment, and Undergoing God.

Seminar theme

James Alison will offer something like a refresher course in Basic Christianity reminding us what the Good News about God really is. He will help us to re-imagine what we mean by the uniqueness of Christ and explore how the Spirit enables us to overcome moralism and make room for a sane and just ecclesial form of life. Borrowing from one of his important mentors, René Girard, he will point to new ways out of the divisions and conflicts in ethical, sexual and social issues which can so distort Christian living.

Further details

Further details will appear later this year in the newsletter and on the website

Contact: Philip Kitchen –


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