Contemplative Oblates

November 4, 2009



Excellent article for Oblates on the contemplative life, click here. The talk was given by Dom Laurence Freeman OSB, at the Second World Congress of Benedictine Oblates, Rome, October 2009.

Often, Christian men and women living in the secular world yearn for a spiritual life more deeply rooted in God. They know in their hearts there can be more fulfillment in their everyday, ordinary Christian lives. For more than 1,500 years, the Rule of St. Benedict has offered a way to pursue that search. Although written as a guide to living in monastic communities, St. Benedict’s Rule applies the teachings of Jesus, as found in the Gospels, to everyday life.

Oblates are affiliated with a particular Benedictine monastery and share a spiritual union and human friendship with that monastic community. They are bonded in prayer, love and commitment, becoming partners in the prayer and works of the monastery.

Living the Christian life with the Rule of St. Benedict is not difficult, but it requires commitment and daily, dedicated time with Christ. The rewards of attending to the wisdom of the Rule bring many wonderful opportunities for turning the ordinary Christian life into something spiritually extraordinary.


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