Monos Annual Conference 2009

November 1, 2009

20034642The Monos annual conference, 3-5th July 2009, in collaboration with the University of Wales Lampeter Monastic Studies Programme at Douai Abbey, Reading, Berks, UK.


Over the last few decades we have seen an explosion of interest in the benefits and fruits of monastic spirituality among the Christian community as a whole. This interest, fuelled by an emerging deep human concern for spirituality, has resulted in an increased development of so-called lay monastic communities, churches, web-based discussion rooms, courses and books, all forcing their ideas and agendas into Christian thinking and expression. It is being suggested by some, that we are in the middle of the development of a dispersed sub-culture called Secular, Neo or New Monasticism; the spiritual and theological aspirations and manifestations evolving through non-monastic groups and individuals allowing their lives to be shaped according to desire and understanding, by monastic spirituality and culture.

The purpose of the conference is to bring people together who are invloved in this recent resurgence of interest in Monastic spirituality and discuss both practically and academically how the resurgence is relating to the individual, family, Church and society in general.

The conference is open to anyone who has an interest in Monastic spirituality and its relationship with contempraroy society.

Speakers Include:

Fr. Terrence Kardong: joined Assumption Abbey in Richardton, North Dakota, in 1956. He has been editor of the American Benedictine Review since 1982. He has published 12 books and 75 articles on monastic topics, including a substantial edited edition of the Rule of Saint Benedict. He is also editor of the Assumption Abbey Newsletter since 1977. 

Esther De Waal: 
One of today’s popular authors in the field of spirituality. She lives in Herefordshire close to the Welsh border, in the countryside where she grew up. After reading history at Cambridge she taught history at various colleges and it was during 1984 whilst living in Canterbury she wrote ‘Seeking God, the way of Saint Benedict’ since then she has written many publications in Benedictine studies and Celtic Spirituality. 

Paula Pearce SFO: Course Director of the Franciscan Studies’ Certificate programmes at the Franciscan International Study Centre. She teaches the Writings and Sources of Francis, some of the History of the Franciscan Order, the Third Order and the Secular Franciscan Order and works with formatters, developing practical skills. She also helps train Spiritual Directors and is Vice Minister of the Secular Francis Order of Great Britain. 

Dr. Andreas Andreopoulos: is Director of the Orthodox Studies programme at University of Wales Lampeter. His areas of interest include Orthodox Theology, Iconology and Sacred Art. He has written extensively on Iconology and liturgy. His books include ‘The Sign of the Cross’: ‘The Gesture, the Mystery, the History’, ‘Art as theology: from the Postmodern to the Medieval, Metamorphosis’: ‘Theology and Iconography’.

Reverend Dr Robin Gibbons: (Fr Robert) was a Benedictine monk who transferred to the Eastern Catholic Jurisdiction (Melkite Greek Catholic) as one of their chaplains in the GB. As a melkite he is working to revitalise their ancient tradition of idiorhtymic monastics and anchorites. He is Director of Theology and Religious Studies at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education, a member of the theology faculty and also teaches Theology at St. Marys University College Strawberry Hill.

More details can be found here.



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