The Lotus and the Cross

September 9, 2009

CLF-buddha&jesusI have mentioned my affection for Prinknash Abbey before. I have just discovered a fascinating article by their former Abbot, Father Aldhelm Cameron-Brown. Father Aldhelm is a very special man and his article The Lotus and the Cross shows the spiritual depth of the man.

“In the field of interfaith dialogue, Roman Catholics and Buddhists seem to get on very well together – I speak of Roman Catholics because I do not know enough about other Churches. If we get on well together, it may be partly because we on the Christian side do not have to ask ourselves, ‘Is the God they worship the God I worship?’ Buddhists do not see the Lord Buddha as God. It is true, he seems to have acquired some aspects of divinity; but then, so has Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She shares in some way in the divine nature, as will we all in the life to come. I must add, though, that when we had lunch with the Tai Situ at Sherab Ling, in the foothills of the Himalayas, a most beautiful site, I spoke about Buddhists and God and he replied, ‘It is too simple to say that Buddhists do not believe in God. What is God? It is a word of three letters. But what is behind that word?’”


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