Seeing as God sees

September 4, 2009

Sister-Joan-Chittister-pf2“Awareness puts us into contact with the universe. It mines every relationship, unmasks every event, every moment, for the meaning that is under the meaning of it. The question is not so much what is going on in the room, but what is happening to me because of it? What do I see here of God that I could not see otherwise? What is God demanding of my heart as a result of each event, each situation, each person in my life? Etty Hillesum, Jewish prisoner in one of Hitler’s concentration camps, saw the goodness in her German guards. That is contemplation, that is the willingness to see as God sees. It does not change the difficulty, the boredom, the evil of a pernicious, an insidious situation, perhaps, but it can change the texture of our own hearts, the quality of our responses, the depth of our own understandings. Without awareness, enemies stay forever only enemies and life if forever bland.”

Joan Chittister OSB, The Monastic Way: Ancient Wisdom for Contemporary Living, a Book of Daily Readings, 2006, 144.


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