Running away with the hairdresser

August 29, 2009

nmwa3993I don’t plan to … but what a painting. I have had a copy of this painting on my wall wherever I have lived. I lived in a College in Rome for five years and the picture was so popular that I left it there and there is now a tradition of handing the painting to a new student so that it remains there. It is a typically Welsh scene and I love the energy of the young couple. The artist is a fascinating man, Kevin Sinnott, born 1947. He has exhibited work throughout the world, you can see paintings by him today at the Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff. Two parishes I know in Wales have paintings by him, St Mary’s, Bridgend and St Illtyd’s, Dowlais. The Catholic Chaplaincy at Oxford also has a painting by him. You know I don’t have anything profound to say about this art but I think the artist is a profoundly spiritual man – Catholic – and sees the unity of all things. It is well worth the effort to see his work.


One Response to “Running away with the hairdresser”

  1. Rachel said

    I like the perspective of it. You can imagine yourself sitting on a bench unknowingly witnessing this intimate scene in front of you; his vivid brushstrokes merely add to the movement of the couple. There’s something of the everyday scene in it, and I like that.

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