Pax inter spines

August 25, 2009

DSC03164They say that people suffer for their art. The person who has painted this beautiful Madonna has certainly suffered. Yet from that crown of thorns comes this really quite wonderful work of art. Any vocation entails a private journey to our own heart. The mystery is that when we get there we discover that we are not alone. The Risen Christ who is able to enter locked rooms enters also into the depths of our own hearts. Spiritual authors such as John Main OSB suggest ways that we can enter the mystery of our own heart. Be assured that if we wish to live life to the full then that is the only real journey that matters. There is a wonderful book of letters written by Rilke to a young poet. The young poet is confused, he is sending his poems to everyone and asking them to look at them, he is desperate for people to comment on them. He is hungry to receive praise so that, as he believes, he will receive the necessary affirmation that he needs to understand his heart and vocation. But Rilke rebukes him. Rilke says that what he must do is wait until the stillest hour of the night and then, only then, ask himself what he must do. When he is able to answer that the he must order his whole life according to that answer. Discovery of vocation necessarily entails ordering one’s life. But this is not to bring suffering, but the fullness of joy, love and peace. More on feminism and joy in the next article. PS If you like the art let me know and I shall pass on the compliments!

Painting by Andre Campos da Hora, London, 2009.


2 Responses to “Pax inter spines”

  1. Anonymous said

    Great painting! I really like the cross-hatching effect.

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