Is there joy in the struggle?

August 25, 2009

DalaiLama-Freeman-cropI have already admitted to not being a fan of train spotters. Ok here comes another confession … feminism … its not high on my list of likes. That being said Germaine Greer said something very profound, “if there is no joy in the struggle, then you are in the wrong struggle!” I think she is absolutely spot on. Yesterday I had the privilege of meeting Dom Laurence Freeman OSB, pictured on the left. With Dom John Main OSB he founded the World Community of Christian Meditation. The Community fundamentally reminds us of the importance of making the pilgrimage to the heart. John Main took the lid off early Christian writers such as John Cassian and brought them before the world today. The WCCM is deeply impressive and clearly spiritually nourished and sustained through their daily meditation and encounter with the heart. Laurence Freeman kindly gave me an hour of his time and as we sat together and talked I was very touched by how much he shared of his own journey. What was extraordinary – apart from his humility, intelligence, balance and good humour (yeah annoying!) – was his joyfulness. As I sat with him I was reminded of the quote I started with. This is a man who is clearly in the right struggle! He is surrounded by a warm and loving community throughout the world who he clearly inspires in their struggle. The hallmark of that struggle … JOY … one of the most frequently used words in the Rule of St Benedict.


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