On Friendship

August 13, 2009

DSC03041I promise that I am NOT a train spotter! If I am being honest I do have something against them but this public forum is really not the place the sharing such views. Love them really! (A friend recently said that I cannot say anything without sounding sarcastic). 

But you know … leaving London really made me think about relationships. As I leave one set of relationships I journey towards another set of relationships: family, friends and monastics. Now I said I had something against train spotters but you know I think I’m worse. I’m a kinda of religious order spotter. Its a terribly addictive habit (oh dear, even a terrible joke!). Well I’m not really a spotter but I do genuinely value the presence of consecrated religious in our world. I am often struck when you look at the origins of religious orders that they started through a group of friends getting to know each other. We see this in the life of Ignatius of Loyola and the early Jesuits. His attractive character drew people to him. Bernard Tolomei and the early Olivetans is exactly the same. Marsilio Ficino has a phrase that  “friendship between men cannot be kindled unless God breathes upon it.” When he does breath what great fruits can come from friendship! We should take time to develop, nurture and protect friendship. It is a great source of blessing. One of the greatest writers on friendship was St Aelred of Rievaulx: “No medicine is more valuable, none more efficacious, none better suited to the cure of all our temporal ills than a friend to whom we may turn for consolation in time of trouble – and with whom we may share our happiness in time of joy.”


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