Thundering Silence

August 7, 2009

If you are tuning into this blog for the first time I hope you will be challenged by the title of my first entry. This blog is philosophically inspired and seeks to explore themes such as silence, meditation, human dignity, art and the spiritual life. I hope this will be done with intelligence and also a healthy dose of good humour. 


Shantanand Saraswati spoke of the intimate relationship between meditation and creation. Those who meditate share in the same creative forces that are at the heart of our universe. One can see this depicted  in the beautiful Hindu Temple at Neasdon in London.

Very often, I think,  meditation is seen as something passive. It can be seen as something which leads men and women away from the world, leads them away from the self and into the desert. This is of course partly true and there are many wonderful examples of Desert Mothers and Fathers throughout the ages. But I am always struck whenever I read their lives that they were not afraid of the world. They always managed to see the goodness and dignity of the human person. Their approach was always one of complete compassion and the profoundest good sense. Their vision is unifying and is animated by the purest love.

The universe is born out of this same pure and creative love. Those who meditate become co-creators. So let us be conscious of the dignity of our time spent in silence. In the solitude of our hearts we are not alone. Let us remember that the word is born in silence, and when it is born, it thunders!


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